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Lesson 2: Types of applications for which actors are suitable.

So, what are the main types of applications in which the actor model can be applied?

Transaction applications.

First of all, these are applications that have transactions. For example. These can be financial or statistical applications, or it is bookmaking and online gaming. Also, it could be various social networks and media. For example, Twitter or FaceBook. Transaction applications also widely used in the telecom industry.

Package applications.

For example, you have an array of photos to process. You can distribute these photos across all available actors. This way, you can use all available hardware resources and solve the problem in the shortest possible time.


These can be REST or SOAP Web services, or system integration services.

Communication applications.

Communication applications include chats, event notification systems, push notifications, etc.

Multiplayer games.

Also, multiplayer games are well suited for using the actor model. We can use actors to control the players in the game. Where each player presented as a separate actor.

Traffic management.

You can use actors to represent the traffic flow in the application, manage the location of machines and couriers.

Numerical processing.

Actors are well-suited for Business Intelligence and Data mining applications.

Internet of Things.

Gaining popularity sphere of the Internet of things is ideal for applying the actor model. For example, We can use an outgoing data stream from a sensor and represent it as an actor.

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