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Lesson 3: Use of Proto.Actor in different types of applications.

So, what types of applications we can use together with Proto.Actor? We can use Proto.Actor both on the server and client sides.

Server side

Services backend (WEB API)

By using Proto.Actor on the server-side, we can build services based on REST or SOAP API. This way, you can redirect requests coming from WEB API clients to your actor model.

Web App

You can create a web application that will be using ASP.NET or Angular to interact with the user. And transfer his requests to our app.

Windows Service

You can use Proto.Actor as Windows Service.

Client side

Console Application

You can also use Proto.Actor on the client-side as a console application. After the user enters the command in the console, this command will be translated to message and sending to our actor model.

WPF Application

In this type of app, we redirect user requests from the GUI to the actor system. This will allow us to create a reactive, parallel application. Where the task execution is entirely separate from the GUI.

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