The EventStream is used internally in Proto.Actor to broadcast framework events.



  • actor.DeadLetter

When a message is sent to a non existing actor.PID, the message will be forwarded to the actor.EventStream as a actor.DeadLetter. This can be used to monitor if your system holds on to broken/expired actor.PIDs

Remote termination


  • remoting.EndpointTerminated

When an endpoint terminates, the remoting layer will send a remoting.EndpointTerminated event. This can be used if you need to know about your current network topology. This event is also used to trigger actor.Terminate events for remote watched actors.

Cluster Events

Cluster topology


  • cluster.MemberStatusBatch
  • cluster.MemberStatusEvent - Interface
  • cluster.MemberJoinedEvent - Implements cluster.MemberStatusEvent
  • cluster.MemberRejoinedEvent - Implements cluster.MemberStatusEvent
  • cluster.MemberLeftEvent - Implements cluster.MemberStatusEvent
  • cluster.MemberUnavailableEvent - Implements cluster.MemberStatusEvent
  • cluster.MemberAvailableEvent - Implements cluster.MemberStatusEvent


Cluster Provider

In clustering, the cluster.ClusterProviders broadcast cluster.MemberStatusBatch messages to inform the system about the current cluster topology.


The member list actor use the cluster.MemberStatusBatch to calculate a delta of topology changes and refine this information into cluster.MemberStatusEvent messages.


The cluster.MemberStatusEvent messages are handled by the cluster.PartitionActor's to determine if virtual actor ownership should be handed over to other nodes.

Cluster Events