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Lesson 2: Overview Proto.Actor Remote.

The basic Proto.Actor package provides everything you need to create an actor system, PID, and send messages. But because of the Proto.Actor platform has a modular architecture, it includes dozens of additional modules that significantly extend the functionality of the Proto.Actor platform.

One of the main modules in the Proto.Actor platform is the Proto.Remote. As this module provides an opportunity to build a network distributed system of actors.

Key features of Proto.Remote.

Location transparency

Thanks to the fact that the Proto.Actor platform uses PIDs for process identification. Your code will look the same regardless of whether it works with a local or remote process. Thus, the location of the actor you are interacting with is completely transparent to your code.

Remote spawning

Everything you need to interact with a remote actor located anywhere in the world. It is to create a new PID and specify its IP address and ID.

//TODO: this section is incorrect. Fix it

var server = new PID("", "chatserver");

gRPC Streams

Using gRPC as an inter-service communication protocol - Allows you to combine actor systems written in different programming languages. Besides, gRPC can accelerate the productivity and efficiency of the microservice architecture many times by taking full responsibility for maintaining the communication channel between actor systems and data transfer.

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