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Module 3 Understanding Actor Lifecycles and states.

Concepts you’ll learn.

In this module, we will learn what the actor’s life cycle is and how to save and restore its internal state. You will learn what stages of the actor’s life cycle the actor goes through. And how you can process these stages by processing the corresponding messages.

We’ll see what happens when the actor’s copy finishes working. And how do its descendants react to it. You will also learn how to stop or restart the actor by sending special messages.

And at the end, you’ll learn how the actor’s behavior can be modified during execution, depending on the messages received, using the Behavior class.

Table of Content

  1. Actor Lifecycle.
  2. Actor Lifecycle Messages.
  3. Terminating Actors and Hierarchy of Actors
  4. What is the Poison Pill message and how to work with it..
  5. Switchable Actor Behavior
  6. Refactoring with using behavior switching.